Lovely Laiya

We celebrated our Christmas Party at Acuaverde Beach Resort in Laiya, Batangas last December 2-3, 2016.


The resort is located at Garcia-Rosario-San Juan-Candelaria Road, San Juan, Batangas, 4226, Philippines Batangas beside Acuatico, you can visit their website at:

See below our invitation made by yours truly:


We rented a bus since we are 25 employees that are travelling in Laiya, along the way, we had our stop over at NLEX to eat lunch. By the time we arrived at Laiya, almost 4 hour drive from Manila, we designed the venue of our Christmas party.

We came up with the theme of Bohemian, since this is an outdoor event. We arranged the plaques of recognition (this idea is from AJA, and this was kept as a secret), we designed the backdrop of La Terreza, where we rented the place for this event. Thankful that we put up the tents because the weather is rainy this day.


See my new found squad below: (Me, Ms. Rose, Ms. Jhenn and Ms. Danica)


After dinner, we proceed to the awarding program. And I’ll tell you, they are all surprised! For the seniors, we gave plaques of recognition and for the other employees, we came up with the creative award titles, like Gulay Queen Award, Hugot Queen Award, Brainstorming Leader Award, and so on. To sum up, we all received awards! ♥


Since we are the organizer, Me and Ms. Danica, the newest babies in the team, our awards are from our boss, Mr. AJA. I got mine, the Most Behaved employee,  (as I’ve mentioned, as a new employee, I’m a little bit shy, I talk less haha hope this explains).


This celebration is dedicated to our seniors, who worked for 10 years above in the company. Imagine to have an employee ever since you started the business until now? Our company celebrated it’s 20th Anniversary last January 2016. They have Ms. Ayang since 1996 to present. Kudos to this amazing woman, my department head! Continue to be an inspiration. 🙂


Photo credits to Ms. A’s ig account. (Kindly give me permission to post po ♥)

We ate our breakfast and lunch at Cocina, the foods are great and the ambiance is very native.


View of the Cocina, the huts below are for the guests who have pets with them. The resort is very pet-friendly, I think they have P800 pet fee for each pet you will bring.


My kind of breakfast 🙂

After our breakfast, we have free time to enjoy the beach. We tried the banana boat, and the feeling is so WOW! You will feel the tilting of the boat, together with the wind that will blow to your face. You have to grip tightly!



The explore is not complete without having a solo picture with the beautiful view.


ME 2

We played touch ball and as you can see in the photo below,  Ms. Jhenn is teased by the other group. By the way, she received “THE ‘DI NIYO KO MAASAR” Award! It says tho. 🙂


After our lunch, we depart the resort at 2:00 pm. We arrived safely in Manila at 7:00pm. Thank God!


Soooo, this was my experience at Acuaverde Resort. I hope this will help you if you are finding a resort in Laiya. 🙂

I want to say thank you for this company, for the warm and happy welcome to me as a new part of the team. 🙂




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