The Book Museum


We went to Book Museum last December 30, 2016. I’ve been in a lot museums in Metro Manila, but this is a unique one. And as a book lover, this is a must seen museum in your bucket list!

(PS: Don’t mind the blue above haha, because at that time, there is a building that is under construction 🙂 )

Located at : 127 Dao St. Marikina Heights, Marikina City



Together with PJ, my best friend and my on the go buddy, we explore the museum with a guide (trainee from PUP), we appreciated that she explains the interesting facts in this museum.

The replica machine of the first printing press in the Philippines. Did you know that the first book printed in the Philippines is the Doctrina Christiana? The Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black signifies the ink that is used in the modern printing machine.

You will be inspired that Atty. Dominador Buhain, the owner of this museum, (if you are familiar with REX Bookstore their family owned it too!) is a traveler, he traveled to almost 200 countries in the world!


The shoe represents the Marikina City, and this shoe is similar to the right foot of Atty. Buhain.

Tips: The museum serves as a library too, reading is allowed.

There are 3 buildings, the main building is all about the books and rare collections from different countries, you can find here the smallest book in the world, the 1st edition of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J. K. Rowling, the miniature edition of Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery and many more.




The 2nd building is the Northern Ethnology Center, you will  be amazed on how the owner collects the antique materials from different provinces in the Philippines. You will also see the artifacts from Cordillera region, the traditional coffin and other artidacts. Note: You can take pictures in this building.


Picture with the Bulol. See the description below:




This is the Totem Poles based on the Philippine mythology. You still remember the Mananaggal and Malakas and Maganda stories?

But in the Southern Ethnology Center, you are not allowed to take pictures, in the building, you will see the customary houses of Maranao, the crown that used in Mindanao that is made of real gold, and other significant artifacts that describes the life of our ancestors.

A book lover will always find beauty in every library she goes!


How to go there: From LRT 1 Station -> Doreteo Jose Station -> walk to  LRT 2 Station->Santolan Station ->  then ride a jeepney going to Marikina City (you don’t have to take an overpass) and lastly, ride a tricycle going to Dao, just tell the driver that you’re heading to the Museum (fare is P40.00 per ride).

Entrance Fee: P 100.00 per person


See the map from their website:


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