Bravery in Bataan

Bataan is one of the provinces in the Philippines that are rich in history.

The Philippines was the last country to surrender to the Japanese in Southeast Asia. In order to secure vital resources for the war effort, the Japanese launched a massive offensive across insular Southeast Asia.

I joined in a high school field trip last year, February 1, 2016 because I’ve never been to Mt. Samat. We depart in Caloocan City around 7:30 am and we arrived in Bataan around 11:00 am.

Araw ng Kagitingan or The Day of Valor is a national holiday in the Philippines, celebrated every 9th of April to commemorate the heroism of the Filipinos and USAFFE officers and soldiers who fought against the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II.

Former president Ferdinand Marcos ordered the Mt Samat Shrine to be built. The Mt Samat Memorial Shrine was ordered constructed in 1966 by then president Marcos in Pilar, Bataan. The shrine stands on the site where some of the fiercest battles of the Bataan campaign were fought. Construction of the shrine was completed in 1970.



Entrance to Mt. Samat National Shrine


After a long walk, I reached the top! Take a look and comprehend what’s inside the museum in Mt. Samat, the history of the the Battle of Bataan and the Death March. The cross behind me is for the soldiers who fought for our country. We all know that this will not be enough for all their sacrifices and tragedies they’d encountered, but they will always be honored.


You will see the map where the soldiers traveled, and the history of what they are fighting for. You will say that they are really brave! Open your heart when you read this, and you will feel proud for them at the same time, the sadness. Imagine to march from Bataan to San Fernando, Pampanga? They are all forced by the Japanese Military, they suffered really hard and they cannot save even their families.

See the photo below from rappler during the Bataan Death March:

After the Bataan Death March, Allied prisoners of war carry their comrades in slings, depicting what appears to be a burial detail. File Photo from Wikimedia Commons

After the Bataan Death March, Allied prisoners of war carry their comrades in slings, depicting what appears to be a burial detail. (File Photo from Wikimedia Commons)


I don’t think I can survive if I experienced this kind of tragedy during the World War II. I really thank God for not experiencing this. And I really hope there will be no World War III, please. Because Philippines can’t afford to invest in a new equipment for the war. We are still one of the developing countries and we have many problems to be solved and to be prioritized.


(Sorry for my selfie pose! Haha.)
You will admired the sculptures of canyons, guns and soldiers in this wall. This is a truly inspiration! The true soldier will always be willing to die for his county! Mabuhay!


Thanks to this girl, Shycell! Til our next trip together!

With love,



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