Trip to Tayug

Thank God! After 4 1/2 hours trip we’re finally here!

A-MAZE-ing Sunflower  at Brgy Lichauco, Pangasinan


My mom requested to go here since she also wants to visit our relatives in Tayug. From Manaoag Church -> SM City Rosales -> Tayug -> Sunflower Maze -> Tayug Town Plaza

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Our Lady of Manaoag Church during Palm Sunday 2017

We rented a tricycle going here as they said that there is no transportation that will drop you off here. If you have a car, much better.


The view is so pretty, different flowers and vegetable are planted here.



My mom with the Giant Upo


Some of the sunflowers are already withered, my cousin said that the sunflowers that bloomed last time is more beautiful and  higher than this.


“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.”― Vincent Van Gogh

With Ate Jezza and Ninang Liza. Thank you for accompanying us! 🙂

I prepared an itinerary for this trip but sadly, after we visit the Sunflower Maze, the weather became gloomy and it rains. 😦

Before we go home, we visit the Tayug Town Plaza, as you can see in the pictures below, there is still small amount of rain and the place is slippery.


Tayug Town Plaza is like a mini-park in the city where you can see Disney princesses statues, Spongebob’s house, Beauty and the Beast Castle, Shrek and many more. We don’t have much time to take a pictures of all the sculptures but you won’t regret going here. Especially if you have children with you. 🙂


I’m not a fan of Frozen but I find this cute when we’re standing like sisters ❤

Ohhhh my selfies! ❤


Castle with my dearest Queen!

We had our dinner in SM City Rosales and we wait a bus in the terminal going to Cubao.

Entrance Fee: P100 per person

Fare: Manaoag Church to SM Rosales by Bus: P45/person

SM Rosales – Tayug by FX P40/person

Tricycle Rent: P250 for 3 pax

Tip: Bring fan and sunglasses! Though you can rent umbrella and hats in the place.

Note: The FX going to SM City Rosales is until 6:00 pm only (though their signage is until 6:30 pm)

This places is also included in my itinerary:

Our Lady of Medallion Church,  Sky Plaza, Maranum Falls, St. Patrick’s Church


Hope this will help you. 🙂 ♥                                                        Tara na sa Tayug! 🙂




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