Smiling Subic

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Subic is part of the high school field trip I joined last February 2016. Zoobic Safari is famous zoo in the Philippines. They held Animal Shows and Animal Parades during Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.

Location      :   Group I Ilanin Forest, Forest Adventure Park, Subic Bay Freeport Zone


After lunch, we have time to explore the Safari Park. I think we just spend 4 hours here seeing different exotic animals. Also, they feature a wide range of habitats presents in a forest.


Since temperature is very high, we didn’t join in a jeepney tour, we just watch the bird show instead. The picture we have is one of their Safari Jeepneys during the day tour in the Park.

In Animal MuZOOeum, you will see a  rare collection of real stuffed animals, bone collections and preserved animal skin.

In Croco Loco, you can feed them while dropping the chicken that is tied in a pole. And you will see how they will jump to catch your treat!


This is supposedly a Bird Walk experience, but the bird just walk 5 seconds so my friend missed to take a picture. Haha. You will feed the parakeets/love birds on the palm of your hand. I think this costs P20 pesos? Can’t remember.


Photo-op: Me and Shycell with a shy Bearcat! ♥

We walked through the Aetas’ Trail, you will have a  glimpse of the beauty of our Native Aeta Brothers’ culture as they perform some of their traditional dances and you will see their houses too!


Ohmy!! Tiger Safari! you will see full-grown tigers while riding in a Safari jeep and experience the thrill of being chased by these tigers! This is a two-hectare enclosed area by the way.

Check their interesting facts  at:

The cost of this tour (with Mt. Samat, Bataan) is P900 per person. 🙂

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