Noreen Capili

Ms. Noreen Capili is one of the bright authors here in the Philippines. Known as Noringai.  I met her last September 18, 2016 at SMX Convention during 37th Manila International Books Fair.



Her poster from National Bookstore. Thank you so much, NBS! More book signings to come! 


After Morgan Matson’s book signing, it’s her turn! Photo-op. She asked me “What specific story in the book that relates you much?” She’s very humble and sweet! During that time, her hair style is like Celine in Barcelona Movie, can’t get over with! (By the way it’s a great story indeed! I want to research if who is the writer of Barcelona).


Yey! got the autograph from her. I’m wearing customized shirt with my favorite line from one of her book, Parang Kayo, Pero Hindi. Kindly check her post here in her facebook, I’m so happy 😉 set=a.10157546884260714.1073741861.866140713&type=3

NORINGAI BOOKSFirst time to be a NUMBER 1 in the line as in!! Yehey!


Her books are all about stories of love, heart breaks, moving on and with hugot lines. Try to read her book! It’s funny and very realistic. It’s like a collection of stories and different situation of a person that  experienced different kinds of love. There are some of the stories that are really connected to her true life.


To all my book signings, special thanks to my best friend for always clearing his schedule to be with me. Haha. 🙂 

Facebook account:

IG: @noringai




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