Jennifer Niven

I heard her name for this award-winning book for 2015 – Romance Category and I got curious about. So when I found out that she is having an event here in the Philippines, I bought her book! 🙂


Image result for jennifer niven megamall

Poster from National Books Store

We arrived at SM Megamall around 7:00 am but the line is sooooo long even though the book signing will start at 2:00 pm. (Thanks, P!) ♥


The girl in the counter accidentally gave me a wrong number, she gave me number 394 I remembered but the girl before me got 295 so I asked her but sadly, the nearest number she can give is 377 😦


While waiting in the event, we ate our lunch and attended a mass.


The crowd from above 

Finally, she arrived! I think I got my book signed around 4:00 pm 😦



Jennifer Niven released her new book last year, Holding Up the Universe. I hope I will be able to read this too!


The story is about the high school boy named Finch that counting the days when he can’t sleep and thinking many ways how to die and a girl named Violet who is counting her days before graduation which excites her everyday. One day, they met at the school bell tower, and happened that to their schoolmates Violet saved him but the truth is, Finch saved her. (Read the book to find how and why!)

They became friends and partners in project called Explore Indiana. (How I wish we had that kind of projects too so my parents will let me travel to different places haha)

The story is very touching, I didn’t expect the sad ending (sorry for the spoiler!) But I feel saaaaad, it really breaks my heart and I think of it over and over. Please, people… don’t ever think about suicides. Our life is a gift from above.




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