It has been two weeks since I feel depressed. I can’t even eat right, I cried for my failure 😦 I’m always not in my mood, I didn’t open Facebook or Messenger until now and I didn’t read any books (as this is my usual thing every morning except for past weeks). At night, when I think of this, I cried, (a lot) that I can’t accept what happened to me, to my work but I have no choice, I really NEED to accept this, and I really have to be mindful in everything I’ll be working in the future to prevent this happen again (I can’t take it). I feel sooooo stressed that I didn’t expect that will happen, to me. I’ve been so very careful, I work hard for this, and God know I’m always doing my best and so… it really hurts. 😦

This verse helps me to be strong. God has a purpose. When doubt, pray. I repeat it every single minute, every day. Hoping to get through with this situation. If you’re wondering what’s the problem, it is a work-related situation and a very confidential one, sorry… 😦 And I feel embarrassed to my boss to experience this kind of problem I’ve caused them.


I thank my colleagues for helping me get over this incident, for all their motivations (I cried). I’m more than grateful to belong to this department. I love you!! And to our ever understanding boss, thank you very much and may God bless you po!

As of writing this, I am still sad, the problem is not yet solved. But still, I know God is with me, with US. He will guide us whatever happens. We do hope for their positive feedback (cross fingers). There’s a rainbow always after the rain. 🙂


Thank you!





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