Amazing Albay

Thank God for having a safe flight~

Our company had our annual Team Building at Misibis Bay Resort, which is an hour drive from Legazpi City.

As I seeee the perfect cone, Mayon Volacano, it was truly amazing!! It’s like a backdrop or tarpaulins because of its perfection. God really gave us this beautiful attraction.

This view from the plane is very amazing, the perfect cone is real!


Day 1

Arrival in Legazpi

Breakfast at Hotel St Ellis

Legazpi City Tour

Lunch at Bob Marlin

Check-in at Misibis Bay

Misibis Bay really offers the amenities that the tourist can enjoy while staying here. They have city tours, facilities inside the resort, outdoor activities, water activities, even Eco-tourism activities.

Famous Daraga Church that shows the beauty of Mayon Volcano.

Of course, their famous sili ice cream! 🙂


With my super squad, Girl Power!


Day 2

This day is the very tiring, we woke up around 6 am as the breakfast will start at 6:30 and the departure time is 7:45 at beach club.

8:00 – Pototan Cave

11:00 – Kayaking

12:00 – Lunch

4:45 – Amphitheater

7:00 – Dinner – Bonfire

We really appreciate our bosses, because they;re plan is went smooth. The place, the program and the foods. PERFECT!

Awards Night at the beach!

Day 3

5:30 – Sunrise in the beach

8:00 – Explore the amenities

12:00 – Lunch & Check-out

14:00- Pasalubong Center

The view of the rooms and pool.

Believe it or not, we just WALK going to their church. The view is so panoramic! We tried their zipline and luge here.


One of the memorable moments here is where we ride at the back of a garbage car 😦 we give it a try as long as we can go back now to the hotel. Hahaha because it’s so tiring and we have to add some videos for our team’s presentation.

You’re trip is not complete if you will not go the souvenir shops! 🙂 Of course, we bought their famous pili nuts!


Thank you, Epic Team for another wonderful experience!





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