Quality Time at Quezon

Thank God for our safe trip!

We went here last December 27, 2017, it’s a 4-5 hour drive from Manila. The view is very peaceful, you’ll let go all your worries in the waves!


The peaceful view.

From Manila, ride a Raymond bus in Legarda with INFANTA sign board and ask the driver to drop you off at Tignoan Bridge, from there you can ride a tricycle going to Real Coast and Surf. For more details, just click here: GETTING THERE

Signal is low here, especially if you’re using Globe Telecom.

bfffWe’ve seen 3-4 surfers here but the crew said that usually, the peak here is November/May as waves are high. They have a canteen or they call it Surf Shack that cooks food, and they gave also free hot water for the tourist that brought their instant coffee or noodles.

The cabanas are beautiful but it’s advisable to rent one if you’re in a group but if you’ll be like us, tent pitching is okay and less cheaper (P 800-850/person). 🙂


Thanks to the crews that helped us to pitch our tent because it’s windy, our tent cannot stand it but they put a rock on it so it won’t sway haha.

Our experience is not so superb as it was raining so we’re not able to explore around the area.

See their instagrammable washrooms! 🙂

We got a chance to rent a tricycle going to Balabag Falls, there is a P20 environment fee and when we came here, there’s a big family that swims and I decided to not go to the falls because I don’t see life guard there just in case of emergency haha whenever I swim, I get easily scared when my feet can’t touch the ground.

We didn’t able to go to Noknok Falls as the pathway to the falls is very muddy and there is no signs to follow going there. But we paid P200 for the ride going to Balagabag Falls then back to Real Surf.

I lost my expenses list but it’s roughly P2,500 for all! 🙂




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