Relaxing Rizal

It’s a very sunny day! Let the adventure starts!

Mt. Tagapo is located at Brgy. Janosa, Talim Island in Binangonan Rizal.


Mount Tagapo, also known as Susong Dalaga mountain, is a conical peak on the lake island of Talim on Laguna de Bay, the largest lake in the Philippines. The mountain ridge is 438 m in elevation and the highest point of Talim Island.

Source: Wikipedia

This is our first time to hike together, though I think this is my 3rd or 4th time now.

November 14, 2017

This is the Mt. Tagapo Base Camp where you can register in the logbook before you trek.


This is their contact number and guide names:


The trek is very slippery and narrow. You can also see high bamboo trees and stream along the way (this is I think my first time to see the Filipino culture where women are washing their clothes in stream (batis) and using palo-palo!:) )


I asked the guide, Mr. Moises if what is Tagapo means, and he said that as far as he knows,  TAGAPO is the name of their ancestors here in Talim Island.


We took 2 hours with a lot of break going here to the top, we thought we cannot make it because it’s very tiring but we have to be motivated so we will not give up.


This is the view in the base camp, soooo worth it and relaxing, especially if the weather is good and windy, you can appreciate the tall cogon grass and the clouds above you! ♥



When you see this, you can say that you’re really close to the peak! I think it will take you 10-15 minutes to hike at the top.

They say this mountain is like the wallpaper of Windows XP or the mountain in Teletubbies haha. You know you’re almost there if you reach this area. #Motivation


                                        Image result for Teletubbies mountain  Image result for windows xp wallpaper

We rest for 20 minutes here in camp area, we’re lucky that there is resident here that selling beverages but she is not here everyday, sometimes she’s just going here during weekends.



The flag of the Philippines above, yehey! Of course we cannot go down until we find a spot that’s good for picture taking 😉 HAHAHA!


So here, you can see the 360 degree view of Laguna de Bay. There’s another mountain  that you can see here but as per the guide, the only mountain that allowed to hike is Mt. Tagapo.

These are the views at the top.


You will also see the Mt. Banahaw in the landscape.


In this experience, I can say that we are so blessed not only with our nature but in our life. We live here in an urban area where you can just ride a jeepney or train going to our school, because we witnessed the students here that they ride a boat going to the school here in Brgy. Janosa then back again to their Barangay, take note that they only have schedules of boat here so the students must be on time in the docking area.


I think Brgy. Janosa is the biggest or I can say more developed as some barangays here in Talim Island is small. Imagine that residents here will buy a bulk groceries or maybe the sari-sari stores so they can save money as the only mode of transpo here is by boat, and they will take 1 1/2 hour ride. We also  experienced that they brought one motorcycle that tied here inside the boat going to Brgy. Janosa, maybe they used this in the city area.


Life here is simple, just like in the other provinces. There are a lot of sari-sari stores, but no convenience stores, and a lot of kids playing around. What I like the most is their politeness, they greeted us good afternoon every time they saw us, especially the guides during the hike. 🙂 Thank you!

Get inspired and watch our video here: Mt. Tagapo 2017

We highly recommend to start your adventure before the sun goes up. But because I woke up late, we started at 7:40am and we’re in Brgy. Janosa around 11:20am.



Bus (from C3) going to Starmall Terminal – P30/pax

Starmall to Binangonan – P 50/pax

**The driver will drop you off to the tricycle terminal where you can ride going to the Binangonan Port

Tricycle to Binangona Port – P 10/pax

Boat going to Brgy. Janosa – P30/pax

Trekking Fee – P20/pax

Mountain Guide – P400/2 pax or more

then vice versa

Hope to hear your experience in Mt. Tagapo soon!





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